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Eurai EUR  3.4620 JAV doleriai USD  1.1068 Didžiosios Britanijos svaras sterlingų GBP  0.7218 Švedijos kronos SEK  9.0500 Lenkijos zlotai PLN  4.1360 Norvegijos kronos NOK  8.9920 Šveicarijos frankas CHF  1.0682 Čekijos kronos CZK  26.2830
Renewed at: 2015-10-07 18:39
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2015 09 23
Regarding expected transfer of „Danske Bank“ retail banking services to “Swedbank”
On September 22 Danske Bank has concluded an agreement with Swedbank on acquiring its retail banking business.
2015 09 15
Vilnius “Akropolio“ and centro branches are going to be moved
From Tuesday, October 1, Vilnius “Akropolio“ and Centro branches will be moved.
2015 09 07
Payments Can Now Be Presented in ISO 20022 XML Format
You may submit payments to Danske eBank and to download the statement by the ISO 20022 XML format already.
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