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JAV doleriai USD  1.0656 Didžiosios Britanijos svaras sterlingų GBP  0.7162 Švedijos kronos SEK  9.0950 Lenkijos zlotai PLN  3.9710 Norvegijos kronos NOK  8.4200 Šveicarijos frankas CHF  1.0220
Renewed at: 2015-04-02 12:39
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2015 03 30
New personal identification procedure at Danske Bank branches
From April 1 a driver's licence will not be accepted as a personal identification document for operations at Danske Bank branches. 
2015 03 24
Attention, e-mails with a link to fake Danske eBank are being sent
We would like to inform that fictitious e-mails with a link to log on to the fake Danske eBank are being spread these days. 
2015 03 09
Working Hours of Danske Bank Branches on Public Holidays
On the 10th of March the branches of Danske Bank will work one hour less, on the 11th of March the branches will be closed, except from the ones in Akropolis Shopping Centres.
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