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Date 2017 03 26
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Date 2017 03 26
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Renewed 2017 03 26
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2017 01 05
Protect your confidential data
As the attempts of malevolent persons to fraudulently obtain confidential information related with accounts, login codes, payment cards and passwords from bank customers have become more frequent recently, we encourage customers to remain vigilant and not to disclose such data to anyone.
2017 03 08
Changes in Tariffs of Transactions and Services of “Danske Bank”
Hereby informs that the tariffs of transactions and services of “Danske Bank” will be changed.
2017 03 07
Working Hours of Danske Bank Branches on Public Holidays
We would like to inform you that on Friday, March 10, 2017, the branches of Danske Bank will work one hour less than usually
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